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Mental Health


Mini Meditation to Let go of stress


Now is a perfect time to embrace meditation and check-in on your mental health. Try using the Headspace app to relieve stress. If you participate in EHA Wellness, click here for your free subscription to Headspace.


Digital Diary

Digital Diary using Daylio. Keep a free private diary and capture your day without writing down a single line.


10 Relaxation Techniques

WebMD has ten relaxation techniques to zap stress fast. See their full list of recommendations to reduce stress.



Relieving stress can be fun and games. Try the Antistress game app to help through these stressful times.


3 Tips to Manage Stress

The American Heart Association has put together a list to help you navigate stress. Including positive self-talk! See the full list.


Self-care Strategies

Shine is a female-focused self-care app providing support from a diverse community. Start your day in the right mindset with the Daily Shine.

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